Brief history on Lab-grown diamonds


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Education 1. Brief history on Lab-grown diamonds

Brief history on Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds go a long way down the history. Our guest author Soha Javaherian write a brief of what, where and how of a Lab-grown diamond. “…Lab-grown diamonds, commonly referred to as man-made or synthetic diamonds have been in the works as early as the 1940’s. Due to their unique characteristics (thermal conductivity, hardness/use as an abrasive, optical transparency, and high electrical resistance) diamonds were initially manufactured for industrial applications. It’s widely accepted that the largest breakthrough occurred when General Electric (GE) created its first batch of lab-grown industrial diamonds in December 1954 and announced the creation of the first man-made diamond in February of 1955.” Read more… Lab-grown Diamonds 2. De Beers forays in the Lab-grown diamond market Recently De Beers announced the launch of Lightbox, its Lab-grown diamond jewlery line. While this news came as a surprise to many as De Beers had on various occasion vehemently opposed and disagreed on the thought of dealing in Lab-grown diamonds in the past. However, with the Lab-grown diamond segment rising and diamond reserves depleting fast, it was a well thought out move by De Beers. Though De Beers have finally entered the Lab-grown diamond market, their main focus will remain mined diamonds at least for now and they are portraying Lab-grown diamond only for fun and fashion and not as something rare and for life’s greatest moments. Read more… 3. MiaDonna takes the 100 fastest growing private company award yet again For the 5th consecutive time, MiaDonna has been recognized as one of the Portland Business Journal’s 100 fastest growing companies in Oregon. With in the constant upgradation of technologies, MiaDonna has been able to increase sale and meet consumer demand. They have been giving back to the society by actively contributing through its initiative The Greener Diamond (TGD). This year MiaDonna will give 22% of its profit to fund the new Greener Diamond Agriculture Training Centre. Read more… 4. Jennifer Fisher debuts in the Lab-grown movement Owing to the changing consumer demands and preferences, many jewelry retailers are joining the Lab-grown diamond band-wagon each passing day. Recently, New York-based influential jeweler Jennifer Fisher launched its collection of Lab-grown diamonds in partnership with Diamond Foundry. The collection has angular diamond ‘micro-studs’ which are cut in sleek, asymmetrical shapes like trillions, emeralds and keystones. Read more… Conflict Diamonds 5. Can Kimberley Process improve the conflict tainted global diamond industry? Conflict diamonds are polluting the supply chain of global diamond industry for a long time now. Kimberley Process (KP) was established in 2002 by United Nations to prevent these diamonds from entering the supply chain, However, it has failed to make any big impacts. Various organisations have made requests and suggestions to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds, to European Union (EU) who is heading this year’s KP. Human Rights Watch has spread light on how the revenue generated from diamond trade in Israel is unethically funding Israeli military and has urged EU to suspend Israel and ban Israeli diamonds from KP. US has requested KP to revise the definition of conflict diamonds and due diligence for responsible sourcing. Human Rights Watch has also requested KP to come up with better monitoring systems to protect human rights in diamond trade. Read more…


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