EthicMark® GEMS Celebrates Love for People and Planet on Valentine’s Day

EthicMark® GEMS standard highlights human science-created diamonds and gems while protecting people, planet, profit

“Beautiful jewelry on Valentine’s Day does not have to hurt Mother Nature,” says Hazel Henderson, founder of Ethical Markets and creator of the EthicMark® GEMS Standard. By taking the EthicMark® GEMS Valentine’s Day Pledge, gifts of love can move the world to a better future.

There is a social disconnect in giving costly mined gemstones linked to wars and human rights abuses, child labor and environmental degradation as tokens of love celebrated on Valentine’s Day. EthicMark® GEMS addresses these concerns, challenging global mining of gems – unnecessary now that human science creates gems indistinguishable from those mined. EthicMark GEMS certifies only gems created by Earth-friendly materials science, conflict and cruelty free, more humane and sustainable. EthicMark® GEMS is backed by Ethical Markets’ reputation as a leader in setting progressive standards in finance and advertising.

Valentine’s Day is key to the $73 billion a year diamond jewelry market which has scant protections for those toiling in the industry. The United Nations-adopted Kimberley Process certifies only that a diamond has not been used by “rebel movements to finance their military activities, including attempts to undermine or overthrow legitimate governments.” Nothing about subsistence wages, lethal working conditions, squalid living environments, pollution of water, destruction of lands!

The newly released EthicMark® GEMS Standard applies ONLY to gemstones created by human science, focusing attention on often more affordable lab-created diamonds identical to mined stones and on simulant diamonds of near identical and often better properties to those mined, many available at a fraction of the cost. The EthicMark® GEMS Standard highlights how beautiful gems can be made ethically, without harming humans or the environment. The Standard will assure consumers that stones bearing the mark are NOT mined from Earth. By next Valentine’s Day, those who’ve taken the pledge and those purchasing stones bearing the mark will know they have not contributed to the environmental or human degradation associated with mining. The Standard encourages consumers to seek all the available alternatives.

As consciousness grows, Millennials often favor innovations. They are loyal to ethical brands and are often driven by social purpose. In the face of student debt and workplace uncertainty, their sense of value is no longer measured by the highest price tag. Millennials are just part of the growing socially responsible consumer base who annually invest over $6.5 trillion in the USA. Companies licensing the EthicMark® GEMS Standard who manufacture diamonds will demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Retailers licensing the Standard can differentiate themselves and their product from the negative associations of mined gemstones.

Just as the fur industry went from status symbol to despised form of gauche consumerism, the jewelry industry is entering a time of transition. Love is better expressed by vintage pieces, the preservation of environment and care of all humanity. Take the EthicMark® GEMS Valentine’s Day Pledge and show your support!


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