Sustainability Leaders Pledge to Reject Mined Gems: An Invitation

In advance of the rollout of the EthicMark® GEMS standard for gems from earth-friendly materials science, the CEO and COO of Ethical Markets Media have pledged to avoid gems mined from the Earth. Mined gems have been the funding source of many conflicts – leading to the term “blood diamonds”. They are related to the deaths of miners, human rights abuses, unfair labor practices, the degradation of the natural environment and water and land pollution.

For all these reasons, Ethical Markets, which for over a decade has set new standards in investing with the Ethical Money Directory and Principles of Ethical Biomimicry Finance®; in efficient renewable energy in the Green Transition Scoreboard®; and with the EthicMark® Awards for advertising, is now launching a new standard for diamonds and other gemstones: the EthicMark® GEMS. The standard guarantees that gemstones bearing the EthicMark® GEMS logo are not mined from the Earth but are created by human ingenuity. Henderson and Sanquiche invite participation by other sustainability leaders and NGOs, welcoming all comments on the EthicMark® GEMS standard found at

Synthetic and simulant gems are viable alternatives for those wanting to align their token of love with the beauty of the gem rather than the horror of mining. Synthetic gems are chemically identical to their mined counterpart. Simulant gems are visually equivalent and often superior to mined gems because they do not suffer from the flaws, inclusions or color inconsistencies. Lab-created gems can be cut in the same popular shapes and sizes as mined gems and set locally to one’s own design. Often the price point is lower and in some cases considerably lower.

Most important to Hazel Henderson, CEO and Founder of Ethical Markets Media, and Rosalinda Sanquiche, COO of Ethical Markets Media and Managing Director of the EthicMark® Awards for advertising, are the social and environmental benefits. One need only read of deaths of miners or view satellite images of polluted rivers and lands to wish for a better alternative. Through the ages, cultures have demonstrated love and commitment with tokens of value whose most important value is in the sentiment. Aligning their values, Henderson and Sanquiche make the following pledges:

“As creator of the EthicMark® GEMS, I pledge, whether for myself or gift-giving, to always opt for jewelry crafted from plant seeds, naturally occurring stones or lab-created gems. I will only keep mined pieces received in the past with sentimental value and will continue, as I have already, to gift away jewelry comprised of mined stones. I will also donate pieces to fundraising efforts which address the injustices and environmental degradation of mining.”

~ Hazel Henderson

“I personally pledge to never purchase a mined stone for jewelry. Of the jewelry I currently own, I will only keep those pieces received as gifts with deep sentimental value. I will ask my loved ones to refrain from mined stones as gifts, and I will encourage them for themselves or gift-giving to explore the many beautiful, conflict-free, cruelty-free options available.”

~Rosalinda Sanquiche

Henderson and Sanquiche envision a future where human physical adornment celebrates respect for all life and the beauties of the natural environment, a future where all members of our human family are judged not by their outward appearance but by the “content of their character” and their service to our common future and our planetary home on Earth.

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