Hazel Henderson, D.Sc.Hon., FRSA, president, Ethical Markets (USA and Brazil), is a futurist; evolutionary economist; author of award-winning Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy and many other books. She founded the EthicMark® Awards for Advertising, created the Green Transition Scoreboard® and the Principles of Ethical Biomimicry Finance®. 


In 2012, she received the Reuters Award for Outstanding Contribution to ESG & Investing at TBLI Europe; was inducted into the International Society of Sustainability Professionals Hall of Fame in 2013, and in 2014 was again honored as a "Top 100 Thought Leader in Trustworthy Business Behavior" by Trust Across America. 


Her 2014 monograph, Mapping the Global Transition to the Solar Age, published by ICAEW and Tomorrow’s Company, UK,  is available for free download from www.ethicalmarkets.com.

Rosalinda Sanquiche is Executive Director of Ethical Markets and Managing Director for the EthicMark® Awards.  She has written for The Guardian, Sustainable Brands, CSRWire, Builder/Architect and other outlets on the environment, construction, sustainability and the media.  She taught environmental policy and team-taught field classes combining ecology and policy. 


Her childhood hiking through Puerto Rico’s El Yunque National Forest informed her belief that we must behave sustainably to preserve our magnificent world. 


Rosalinda served as treasurer for the NE Florida Green Chamber and advises Synergy Asset Strategies, Inc., offering the first Ethical Biomimicry Finance® portfolio.  She graduated Phi Beta Kappa, and with National Science and National Hispanic Foundation awards, she earned a masters in Resource Policy as a George Washington University Fellow.

Ethical Markets Media


With over 40 years of foresight, insight and integrity in our leadership, Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil) works to reform markets and metrics while helping accelerate and track the transition to the green economy worldwide. 


We are a micro-multinational social enterprise, Certified B Corporation, providing news and perspective with the Green Transition Scoreboard®, Principles of Ethical Biomimicry Finance®  the Transforming Finance initiative and Transforming Finance TV Series, research on Beyond GDP, finding strong support worldwide for ESG metrics in national accounting, and with reports, articles, newsletters and analysis by Hazel Henderson, founder and editor-in-chief, on EthicalMarkets.com.  


We focus on systems thinking and best practices to raise global standards. Ethicalmarkets.tv streams original Ethical Markets productions and video gathered from around the world.

EthicMark® Awards


The $500 billion annual global advertising and media industry has the potential to be an educational tool for promoting sustainable lifestyles beyond consumerism.  The EthicMark® Awards serve as a “carrot” to cajole advertising and media into more creative, positive approaches.


A prize of the EthicMark’s caliber  engages the advertising industry, recognizing reform leaders.  After 10 years of awards, the EthicMark®, partnering with Latin America’s prestigious Premio Renato Castelo Branco award, highlights visionary ad campaigns from around the world, raising the bar. 

EthicMark® award-winning companies are recognized for 1) the creativity of their message, 2) the value of the product or service AND 3) the quality of the company culture.  This all-encompassing standard ensures the integrity of the Awards and the esteem accruable to winners’ reputations. Judges’ criteria include: truthfulness; portrayal of healthy lifestyles and behaviors; high standards of responsibility and trustworthiness; respect for diversity and human rights; and avoiding sordid, sensationalist or degrading depictions.  Winners model and publicize the value of ethical markets while simultaneously promoting what is profitable for business, society and the planet.  See the list of internationally respected judges.


The annual EthicMark® Awards are presented in partnership with:  ESPM, school of communication, marketing and business management in Brazil; GlobeScan; TBLI; Sustainable Brands; Where Good Grows and Tomorrow’s Company. Winners are announced at the SRI Conference each Fall.